1. Dakota & Kris. 
    Seen at Tam Tam’s.
    Kris “We’re partners” 
    Dakota “We wanted a tandem bicycle,  but we couldn’t afford it” 
    Kris “Were excepting donations” 
    "Are you two together"
    Kris “No, we’re just best friends”

  2. Celine. 
    Seen at Mont-Royal Park.

  3. Gerome.
    Seen working hard at Tam Tam’s. 
    "Strike a pose!"
    "A pose? I’m just selling ice cream"

  4. Thibault. 
    Seem at Mont-Royal Park. 

    I only have one tattoo, it’s of Mr.Peanut, and it’s on my ass. 

  5. Juice Willis.
    Seen in Jeanne-Mance Park.

    "I should really be studying for my finals, I think I’m going to fail my degree. But I just love to party."
    "How is studying going?"
    "Bitch, don’t kill my vibe."

  6. Andrea.
    Seen in the Jeanne-Mance Parc.  
    Summer ‘12.